About Us

The Floppy Chicken Team

We LOVE food in our household and are always experimenting with tastes from around the world. We also love a dinner party, which is where our story starts. My husband had seen a French chef demonstrate how to completely bone a chicken, so he gave it a go! Half an hour later we had our first “Floppy Chicken” stuffed with Sausage meat, Sage and onion we served it to close family friends and it went down a treat. One friend mentioned that we could easily sell these, as it’s so easy to cook and eat – the cogs started turning!

As they say, practice makes perfect, so we kept practicing and now have it down to a fine art! We attend farmers markets across the country and have developed our products to include new stuffing’s, Chicken Kiev’s, Beef Brisket and a complete CHRISTMAS range!

And as if this wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we now have a giant custom built wood smoker and cater for all events, large and small! In 2017 we have done weddings, birthdays, food festivals and even an international air show!

From little acorns, grow big trees, and although we still have a long way to go, we are very proud of our family business and we hope you like what you see!

Love the QBF family x