The Process

All of our chickens are of the very finest quality, sourced from British ACP registered farms. In preparation for the arrival of the new one day old chicks, all old bedding and litter created by the previous flock is removed and the home is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Like most newly born warm blooded animals, chicks are sensitive to the cold and infections therefore the chicks are placed under heat lamps to keep them safe and warm. The chickens are free to roam and forage throughout their new home, eating and drinking as they wish.
Wherever possible we source all of our ingredients from local producers & suppliers usually within a 10 mile radius. We continue to actively seek out & build relationships with local producers, to lower the accumulative food miles & support local business.
The chickens begin their journey to become a Galantine, a French derived dish that means deboned stuffed meat, most typically poultry. The process is done entirely by hand with only a very sharp knife and a careful eye. To date this process is carried out by our trained team of family members.
The chicken is then carefully and generously stuffed with our large variety of fillings, wrapped, tied and then packed.
After you have placed your order, we dispatch your chicken via an overnight courier, your order will arrive chilled the following day. Currently we are able to offer deliveries for Thursdays & Fridays. Please be aware that if you are planning on having one of our chickens for a special dinner / party, orders can take up 2 days to process. Please order early to help us dispatch quickly and efficiently to your home or business.
Preheat the oven to 170 ° C, season the bird with salt and pepper, place on an oven tray and pop it in.  (45min per kilo (20 min/lb) plus 20 minutes over. Remove from oven and rest for at least 10 minutes before carving. Always make sure chicken is piping hot and use a meat thermometer where possible, check for a temperature of 74 ° C.